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Antique Perfume Bottle, Lautier Fils, Civet Absolute, Tincture of Civet, Empty Brown Glass, Apothecary, Pharmacy (C868)


I recently purchased a large inventory of perfumes and oils from the estate of a perfumer in New Jersey. This bottle was among the lot.

It is an empty brown glass bottle with black screw cap. The company is Lautier Fils, New York. They were in business between the 20s to the 60s. It has 2 labels. The older label says Tincture of Civet and is a pale brown. The other side has a colorful label taped onto the bottle. It is boardered by red roses and has images of coins. There is some description near the coins that says Grands Prix etc. There are dates ranging from 1889 through 1929. There is also a number at the top of the label 121272. The label says Civet Absolute 10%.

From doing a little research I have learned that Civet is not a readily available ingredient for fragrances anymore as it was deemed inhumane to collect it from the interesting animal the Civet Cat which looks like a Raccoon and Cat’s Love child. 

Condition- Empty, but when I briefly opened it, the scent was still strong. 

Height - Approx 6.5”



*Bottle is not altered by me.


Bottles curated by Wicked Ness Apothecary.

My Potions and pharmacy bottles are handmade and One of A Kind. - I use antique and vintage bottles (unearthed from the ground), as well as new bottles made to look old. (*Oldified is my preferred term) - I fill them with flora found in my travels and other secret ingredients potioneers prefer. - My bottles are adorned with anything that strikes my fancy. Most Labels are designed by Sinned Design, LLC exclusively for Wicked Ness Apothecary. I often procure antique labels for my medicine bottles.

They make excellent Halloween decorations or haunted house props. Use them as film or stage props. (Let me know if you do...that is my dream to see my props on the silver screen!!!)

If you're like me, and I know I am, you'll want to display them all year round with your other curiosities.


Antique Perfume Bottle, Lautier Fils, Civet Absolute, Tincture of Civet

SKU: C868
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