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Vintage 90s, Goldfinger Show Shirt, Signed Tank, John Feldmann, Stone Pony Asbury Park Show XS, S (A546)


I’ve kept this shirt in a drawer since the day I bought it and received the autograph of the singer from Goldfinger, John Feldmann. It was 20 years ago!

Condition- Excellent 
Length 17”
Width 14”
Size - XS or S

***The Story***
After I graduated High School in 1996, I spent a lot of time going to shows at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. I bought this shirt at a Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish Show. 

Towards the end of the Set, I was kicked in the nose by a crowd surfer so I ran outside to stop the bleeding. Goldfinger’s Set ended while I waited outside for my friends. 

The side door where I was standing burst open and the drummer Darrin (my crush at the time) ran out, lay on the ground and a girl proceeded to straddle and kiss him. Next came the Singer John, and since he was alone I asked him for an autograph. I’m still bummed I didn’t get Darrin’s.

Vintage 90s, Goldfinger, Signed Tank, John Feldmann, Stone Pony Asbury Park

SKU: A546
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