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Vintage Essential Oil, Orange, C.P. USP, 3 ml Sample, Essential Oil, Norda, Inc. Old Stock Perfume Bottle, 1930s-1950s, Apothecary (C862)

I recently purchased a large inventory of perfumes and oils from the estate of a perfumer in New Jersey. This bottle was among the lot. All the bottles range in age from 1920s through possibly the 1970s. Some are full and some are empty. I will offer small drams of Vintage Essential Oils in future listings. I’ve included photos of the laboratory that I found while researching Norda Essential Oil & Chemical Co.===***

This listing is for a 3ml vial of Oil Orange C.P. USP. (I believe C.P. Stands for citrus peel, and the USP i am unsure of.) The Bottle in the second picture.

Scent - to me it is sweet orangey

Condition - Brand New Purple Bottle with vintage fragrance.

* I cannot guarantee the Ingredients of this liquid. I did not make it. It is a vintage estate find. Based on the entire lot that I purchased I believe the Bottles were marked accurately.===*Additional Information About Norda Essential Oil & Chemical CompanyThe origin of Norda, like that of many other companies in the flavor and fragrance industry, was a founder immigrant, Hermann J. Kohl, who came to the United States from Germany. He gained his experience and knowledge in the industry with Morana Inc., one of the earliest chemical firms in this industry, and left in 1924 to found Norda Essential Oil and Chemical Company.The original Norda organization was a trader and dealer in essential oils and aroma chemicals. However, Norda early started compounding flavors and fragrances, with a strong position in flavors developing during the 1930s.The company’s next move was into manufacturing of chemicals with a small plant in East Hanover, New Jersey, in 1941, followed by an essential oils processing plant in Boonton, New Jersey, in 1942, processing essential oils for their isolates.& The Norda Essential Oil and Chemical Company was founded in 1924 in Boonton, New Jersey by Hermann J. Kohl (1889-1971), a German chemist and pharmacist. In its early years, the company achieved great success as a supplier of essential oils, such as lavender, geranium, jasmine, rose concentrate, and thyme, for the soap industry and reported a total business of $1,680,000 in 1930. Norda made its initial public offering on the stock market in March 1962 and registered several patents for scent-related products, such as a sea shell perfume diffuser, before being acquired in 1985 by Unilever, an Anglo-Dutch food and fragrance company. This collection consists of black-and-white print photographs of Norda's manufacturing and laboratory facilities in Boonton, New Jersey, circa 1950s. The collection is essentially divided into two parts: the first half of the photographs documents the plant's equipment and supplies, while the second half depicts the laboratory facilities and steps in the manufacturing process, such as compounding, fractionation, and analytical testing. The equipment pictured includes vacuum stills, autoclaves, centrifuges, and spices used in the production of perfumes and essential oils, as well as specialty apparatus like refractometers and micro-stills.=========Bottles curated by Wicked Ness Apothecary.My Potions and pharmacy bottles are handmade and One of A Kind. - I use antique and vintage bottles (unearthed from the ground), as well as new bottles made to look old. (*Oldified is my preferred term) - I fill them with flora found in my travels and other secret ingredients potioneers prefer. - My bottles are adorned with anything that strikes my fancy. Most Labels are designed by Sinned Design, LLC exclusively for Wicked Ness Apothecary. I often procure antique labels for my medicine bottles.They make excellent Halloween decorations or haunted house props. Use them as film or stage props. (Let me know if you do...that is my dream to see my props on the silver screen!!!)If you're like me, and I know I am, you'll want to display them all year round with your other curiosities.=========😻NOTE: We want you to love your purchase. PLEASE review descriptions carefully prior to purchasing.🐈NOTE: Our items come from a home with cats.😸NOTE: PLEASE read our policies carefully prior to purchasing. for Holidays - Easter Gift, Mother's Day Gift, Father's Day Gift, Spring Gift, Birthday Gift, Shower Gift, Christmas Gift, Valentines Day Gift, Halloween Gift, Bridal Shower Gift, Baby Shower Gift, Bachelor Gift, Spring Break, Graduation Gift***Halloween Decor & Haunted House Props of a more realistic nature.***

Vintage Essential Oil, Orange, C.P. USP, 3 ml Sample, Essential Oil, Norda, Inc.

SKU: C862
  • 😻NOTE: We want you to love your purchase. PLEASE review descriptions carefully prior to purchasing.

    🐈NOTE: Our items come from a home with cats.

    😸NOTE: PLEASE read our policies carefully prior to purchasing.

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